Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Turn It Up Tuesday - Titanium

Hiya, it's Karlie, filling in for Lisa!

My song for today is Titanium. I favor Madilyn Paige's version over the original artist - I heard it on the Voice and fell in love with it.

Vivian is an assassin whose brutality crosses every line. Controlled by evil, she is forced to obey her master's every whim. He commands her with fear, so she turns her rage on the people she can tear down.

A ghost lives inside Vivian. The shadow of the girl she was, long before her mother left her to the darkness. It's what makes her vulnerable, what makes her cower in fear before the only man who could ever break her - her father.

She's titanium. Criticized, shot down, and threatened - all his bullets ricochet right off her stone hard heart.

But they bounce off. She feels them. And they leave their scars.

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