Thursday, April 9, 2015

Book Covers

Caitlin here. Writers hear it all the time. This business is subjective. One person’s favorite book may be another person’s most hated book. And yet another person might shrug and think that book was just okay.

Well, the subjectivity doesn’t stop with just the finished book; book covers can also entice love/hate/eh reactions. This can be frustrating as an author because book covers are one of the most important elements in getting readers to say “hmmm…I want to check that out.”

I like to say I’m drawn to anything that’s stunning or quirky. But, hell, I’ll also go for a sexy cover, or a mysterious cover, or a humorous cover. So, really, I’m a horrible test subject. 

I even like these covers, which just use fonts and colors!

So, what about you? What kind of book cover piques your interest?  

Lisa: It's hard to say what makes me actually like a cover. I just know it when I see it. I have done tests on myself in book stores. Here's what happens: I keep my eyes down as I'm walking to a book shelf, then I look up and quickly note the books that catch my eye. In doing this, I've noticed that my eyes are drawn more to covers that have a dark color scheme. A lot of the time it's a darker scheme then a splash of bright color - it could be the title in bright yellow or  simply a white tree. As far as font, I tend not to be drawn to titles done in a script. Other than that, there is no rhyme or reason as to which book I end up purchasing. Sometimes the book I buy ends up not being one of the covers that caught my eye. Upon second or third look (and reading the back), I decided I'd rather have a different book with a less "popping" cover.

Dan: This is sort of embarrassing, but I do pay attention to covers. Especially when picking out a fantasy (big colorful scenes, with weapons and horses and possibly some kind of military banner) or a sci-fi (absolutely has to be a star-field background with exploding spaceships and "lasers"). It's not make or break, because I'll read the jacket copy and possibly check out reviews online. But covers matter, and I like the eye-catching ones.

I just learned recently that European releases often have different titles and different colors than we get in the U.S. Which I think is awesome -- I want the European version of all of my favorite SFF novels.

Karlie: I love covers with a steampunk element, and I also love black and white. I do prefer them to have a more modern look, like the first example featured on this post. Prime examples of my favorite covers ever: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern and Cinder by Marissa Meyer.

I tend to not go for simplistic or clunky covers, but honestly, as long as the plot looks interesting enough, I'll pick them up too. :)

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