Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Turn It Up Tuesday: Still Holding On

Hiya! It's Karlie again and I want to introduce you to a pair of secondary characters from my WIP, Kismet. The song for today is Still Holding On by Clint Black and Martina McBride.

It's a hard thing to say goodbye knowing there's a very good chance it's the last time. But Keisha and Jay knew the risks when they started out; they both know what they have to choose when it comes down to their love or an entire kingdom.
But that doesn't mean it's easy.

There's something out there left for you, but it's not me
We've reached the point of no return, it's only right I set you free

I know I have to turn away, but there's nowhere for my love to go
And there won't come a day when I won't honor what we had

Captain Jay Graeme and Dr. Keisha Lockhart share more than one deadly secret.
Not only are they both Gifted - though their gifts are passive enough to hide easily - but they also have a hand in the underground network of spies and fugitives.

Captain Graeme, a respected former member of the king's personal guard, is trusted and revered by even the suspicious Keepers. His front, a tavern/inn in the isolated little town of Faleatha, makes it possible to help more rebel fugitives escape being caught and executed for the Gifts they can't help having.

So I'll go on with my life, we can even say goodbye for now
If that's what we have to do
But here in my heart, even when my arms are empty
I'm still holding on to you.

Their relationship is the one foolish risk they just can't give up.
They guard that secret with their lives and a hundred others, because both of them know if one was ever taken the other would break. And a hundred people would die, all for one person. They can’t let that happen.
And then they receive the news they dreaded - Keisha has been blacklisted. And she can't stay around Jay anymore - she's being watched. They simply can't risk Jay being found out; too many people depend on him.
And that comes down to sending her away, both for her safety and his. Lyndoreth is one of the few safe towns left, but it’s miles and miles away.
  But they don’t have a choice.

We can't deny that this one's out of our control,
Stronger than the both of us, and bound to take its toll

But I can stand the test of time, and as far as I can see
There are no walls that we can't climb
Standing between you and me...

If anyone can make it, they can. Because they know something most people never consider - they don't have to be together for their love to thrive. A thousand miles apart, or even in death, Jay and Keisha swear they can survive.
And they will. 

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