Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Turn It Up Tuesday: My Imagination

Hey! It's Karlie in the house with another sad love song. Sorry. I'm just a sucker for them. Besides, this one is so perfect I couldn't not use it.

Standing there, with her arms around no one
No one who'd die for her right where he stands
Looking around like she's looking for someone
Looking like she's got time on her hands
Funny how much you can see in someone
Across the room, who you don't even know
Telling you things she would tell to no one
Taking you places she's wanted to go

Yes, he watches her. The way she pretends not to need anyone. The tough mask she always wears. The sunlight curving around her hair, the way she moves. He watches, and he dreams.

Like a walk in the rain
A place in the sun
With a lifetime of love that has only begun
Doing all of the things only lovers can do
My imagination is running away with you

Of course, he'd never tell her that. He doesn't fancy a broken nose...or worse. Nope, she's off limits to him. But that doesn't stop his imagination from picking her up and swinging her around, telling her how much he loves her.
Sometimes she even says it back.

Walking away and I'm walking beside her
Into forever here in my mind
Dreaming a dream that we're dreaming together
Finding the things only lovers can find

Thing is, Aria's caught up in a war that was never hers. She's determined to see it through, and giving up on her is not an option. So he's going to stand beside her until she either realizes they're supposed to be together, or she doesn't need him anymore.

His imagination supports the first option...but truth is he knows it's all but impossible.
(the link is below instead of the video because Youtube is being screwy)


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