Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Turn It Up Tuesday: Lost

Hiya, it's Karlie in the house, ready to depress you some more. ;)

My song today is Lost by the lovely and talented Faith Hill. The book is Clarity, a novella inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

Skye Rencrest has always lived in the shadow of her mother's past, which might be why she craves the sunlight. So when she is cursed to wander in darkness, she fears she'll go crazy before she can break the enchantment.

Then she meets Adam in the dark maze, and suddenly being lost doesn't seem so bad anymore.

If being lost means never knowing how it feels without you
I wanna stay lost forever
Stay lost forever...

But eventually Skye breaks the curse, and returns to her old life. Was Adam only ever part of the enchantment? She still sees him when she walks into a room. In the night sky, when the stars draw his face. He couldn't have been her imagination. No love this real could have been imagined.

I never did believe in anything I couldn't hold in my fingers
But the way you make me feel is just so real, the way it lingers

Suddenly the sunlight is too bright. And all Skye wants is to be lost again. With him.

Everything I have don't mean a thing if it's without you
If this is a dream don't wake me up
I'll scream if this isn't love
If being lost means never knowing how to live without you
Let me stay lost forever

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