Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Turn It Up Tuesday

Except I missed Tuesday. It flew right by me without noticing. I blame Karlie. She was distracting me with Camp NaNo stuff.

My belated song is Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez. I LOVE this girl. Even though she looks kind of scary for this video, she is adorable (yes, that's a wide gap in her front teeth that you see). She's also insanely talented and creative. You might also watch her live performance of Cry Baby; I don't think she's made an official recording of it yet.

Anyway, Dollhouse is about children and outsiders tricked into believing their family is something it's not, and that's the case with the Moncrief brothers in my book Tricolor. The boys thought they had a typical American life until their parents go missing and their heads show up on their doorstep. Yes, it's creepy and messed up which is why this song is perfect. I would point you to specific lyrics that relate to my book but really they all do except the part about the son smoking cannabis. :) They don't have time for drugs.

(Grr, it wouldn't let me uploaded the original version, so here is a low definition with the lyrics across the screen)

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