Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Turn It Up Tuesday: When You Love Someone

Hiya, Karlie again!

My song for today is Bryan Adams' cover for When You Love Someone (originally performed by Doctor Rocktor.) In the light of some startling revelations, this song outlines Aria's motivations perfectly.

When we started out, she was hard. A survivor who was used to making decisions for the whole, and whose loyalties extended no farther than those she was responsible for.

By the end, she is being forced to choose between letting the world go to hell, or destroying the man she loves - a man who, because of someone who didn't have a choice, doesn't even remember she exists.

But when you love someone...you'll shoot the moon. Put out the sun. Do crazy things you can't explain.

No one left alive cares what happens to Aria Rinehart...but for the first time she makes the decision for herself, instead of for the good of the whole.

(I couldn't find a video with him singing live. Sorry.)

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