Thursday, April 10, 2014

Unrequited Love

Hello everybody! It's Lisa today, posing a question about L-O-V-E.

I've always had a fascination with unrequited love. I've wanted to write it, but the thought scares me and fills me with doubt. Could I do this type of love justice? Can I make a book based on unfulfilled love marketable? Questions like this have stalled me in that endeavor, but I'm going to tackle it one day. What are your thoughts on unrequited love? Ever experienced it or seen it unfold from an objective view? Have you ever written about one? Read about one? Did it work for you? Or did it just make you frustrated with the characters? That's a lot of questions, huh? Oops, another one. I'll stop there and just make a request. Let's talk about unrequited love.

Karlie: "Can I make a book based on unfulfilled love marketable?" That question is actually one I'm turning over and over in my head right now. In Kismet, Logan is in love with Aria but for a lot of personal - and valid - reasons, she sees him as an interference, an annoyance she has to put up with. The book is told only in Aria's POV, so it's a challenge showing what Logan feels, but it's also more rewarding seeing his actions through her eyes when it all comes out in the end, when he finally gives it up and walks away. But...does it cheapen the end to have them end up together? On the other hand, is it unfulfilling for them not to end up together?

I do enjoy reading about unrequited love, though. Eragon is a prime example, even if Arya came around in the end. He still spent most of the books mooning after her. So yes, I'll definitely read it if it's well done.

Caitlin: I don't know if I'd enjoy writing or reading a book entirely about unrequited love. However, I could see that side plot playing a valuable role within another plot. The emotions involved with that supply a lot of fertile ground for character development. What does it mean that I love this person but they don't feel the same way? Can I still love and accept myself even though someone I value so much does not see me in such a positive light? Definitely some interesting questions to explore....

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