Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Turn It Up Tuesday: Haunted

It's Karlie again, with yet another cheerful song about daisies and sunshine. No, actually it's pretty depressing. Hmm.

Haunted by Kelly Clarkson is a song I recently discovered (it's not country, Lisa) and the first time I heard it, two of my characters immediately came to mind. Shelly and Liam Brant - two trained spies whose only priority is to get the royal family to safety. If they complete this mission, they will receive full amnesty from past war crimes and be free to live their lives after fifteen years of serving the country they wronged.

But Liam has a secret - he's dying.

Mistaken, the sadness was hidden inside
Now all that's left are the pieces to find
The mystery you kept
The soul behind a guise

They successfully carry out their task, and while Shelly is planning their new life together, Liam is trying to find a way to tell her the truth. His time runs out faster than he thought it would.

Suddenly Shelly is left alone, reeling from a blow she never saw coming. A series of letters her husband left her reveals the truth. He lied. He spent months lying to her - he'd always known he wouldn't make it out alive.
  She doesn't remember how it feels to breathe without him.


  1. Whoa, I love it. I've never heard it before either. Thanks for introducing this to us, Karlie.

    1. I like her country songs so I dug further. I found several good ones. Glad you like it!