Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Turn It Up Tuesday - What I Wouldn't Give

Hi all! It's Karlie on the mic today.

My song today is What I Wouldn't Give by Blake Shelton. In the aftermath of Eric's betrayal, Aria Rinehart finally realizes the truth about Logan.

But Logan is tired of being used.

If they had known it was all part of a twisted plan, if they had known someone was playing with their thoughts, maybe they wouldn't have been so quick to say goodbye. But now Aria has been taken by someone she thought was her friend, and they want to use her clairvoyant abilities for their own purposes.

She's had plenty of time to look back and realize exactly what she did to Logan, during all those months of belittling and pushing him away. And there's nothing she wouldn't give to go back in time and fix it.

(There's not a video available of him singing it live)

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  1. This wasn't too bad considering it's country (not my fav). You're right, though. It does fit Logan and Aria's predicament perfectly.