Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bounded in a Nutshell: An Interview

Hi, it's Karlie! First of all, it's Day 6 of November! If you are participating in NaNoWriMo, kudos  to you! I hope you're keeping up with that word goal, and hopefully you have plenty of chocolate and caffeine on hand. Drop by and let us know about your NaNoWriMo experiences and happenings. :)

 Anyway, I'm doing something a little different today. Instead of asking a question, I'm posting an interview. A friend of mine, Dr. David Lowery, recently published his first book, Bounded in a Nutshell. A collection of poetry, it was released in July 2014, and he agreed to answer some questions for me. Dr. Lowery is an English instructor at Jones County Junior College (Ellisville, MS).Without further ado, here it is!

Karlie: Bounded in a Nutshell is your first published work, right?

Dr. Lowery: Yes, that's correct. It was part of a "year of challenges" I set up with my wife - we decided to do one thing each month we didn't think we could do. This resulted from the artistic challenge. The month of April is National Poetry Month, and I made myself write a poem every day. When I was finished, I decided I wanted to do more with them. I had done so much academic writing over the last few years, I just wanted to pursue something creative.

Karlie: Walk me through the publishing process. How did you go about getting your book out there?

Dr. Lowery: I did a lot of research online first, looking at a variety of publishers until I found one that would give me control over the publishing process. This was very important to me. I eventually settled on Xlibris, because they gave me freedom with the cover and formatting, down to little things like font.

Karlie: What did you do to promote the book?

Dr. Lowery: The publishing company sent promotional book posters and bookmarks, and I took those around to various bookstores. I also continue to promote it on Facebook and Twitter. As a matter of face, I'm having a book signing on November 13th at the Laurel library, from 4-6 PM.

Karlie: Where can people get a copy of your book?

Dr. Lowery: It's available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and You can also get a copy of it from the bookstore at both JCJC and William Carey University.

Karlie: Thank you for sharing this with us! Everyone, you should check this book out, and if you're anywhere near Laurel, MS, come to the book signing!

Dr. Lowery has been teaching for twenty-two years, and he has received numerous awards for his achievements, including Humanities Teacher of the Year.

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