Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Do you know where love goes? Turn It Up Tuesday

Sometimes it's the tone of the song that moves me. Sometimes it's the voice of the singer. Sometimes it's the lyrics. It's rare that I get chill bumps over all three. Matt McAndrew has done this with his song Wasted Love. The opening lyrics sucked me straight in:

So I'm not supposed to love you no more
I guess I'm not supposed to care
I held you so close, now I'm holding a ghost
How can love just disappear?
And where does it go when it's over?

I've written so many books containing breakups that I can't pinpoint which one this song, these lyrics, work for best. All of them. Just listen to this song and you won't be sorry. You'll probably be adding it to your library and your playlists. And thanking me.

You're welcome :)

In case the powers to be won't let this video insert stay, I'm including a link here.

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