Sunday, January 4, 2015

Is writer's block really a thing? Whether it is or not, relax, we can figure this out.

What I visualize as writer's block is absolutely not being able to get one word out. I don't get that way. I could get a word out--I just don't want to. I call this writer's funk: lack of motivation, not liking my story anymore, having written myself into a corner, etc. But whatever you get, writers can combat this. Think of having writers block/funk as having a stiff neck. You've been in the same position too long. Change it up.

Sometimes my mind can't unclutter because of the clutter in my writing space. If that's your bedroom, straighten it up a little. If that's just anywhere you can find, and you have no control of these little corners, then leave. 

I get in my car a lot of the time, taking my computer along for the ride. I'll be driving around and stuff just comes at me like crazy. I find a safe place to pull over and spend the next hour typing stuff out. 

Simply writing outside is great too. I've often found that this is the most valuable stuff I've written. The pressure is off and the creative juices are able to flow. Sitting in my backyard (or kicked back at the beach), my actual writing is really loose. But the content is amazing. 

These things work for me, and they could work for you as well. Or they might not. The point is to change  things up. Find what works for you.

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