Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Turn It Up Tuesday: In My Veins

Karlie with you today!

The song I chose is one I recently discovered - and I've had it on repeat ever since. In My Veins by Andrew Belle, feat. Erin Mccarley, is a beautifully honest song that is definitely helping as I work on some difficult scenes from my novel Kismet. As Aria and Logan struggle with their own separate demons, fight to survive a war, and finally come to terms with the shared part of their pasts, they know one thing for certain - fighting alone is not an option anymore. No matter how much they might wish the opposite to be true, neither of them can walk away.

Oh, you're in my veins 
And I cannot get you out
Oh, you're all I taste 
At night inside of my mouth

She might be dying. He might be a killer. Their lives could end at any moment…but whatever end they face, they'll face it together.

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